The company’s name, Carmencita, is derived from Jesús Navarro Jover’s eldest daughter, Carmen. He started doing business around 1920, in Novelda, where, in those years, there was a growing trade in saffron which was brought from the Mancha, the central plain, and taken to the Far East by companies that at the time were already well known brands. In this first company distinctive, his daughter wore a bow in her hair, imitating the logo used by another company of the period.

Jesús Navarro Jover began by packaging small paper sachets filled with 90mg of saffron, which were prepared by hand at home, in the beginning by his wife, and were then sold by him and distributed by parcel post.

In the late 20s of the last century, he decided to change the image used for his brand by having his daughter pose with her arms akimbo, wearing a cordovan hat and a manila shawl. This is the company identity which is still used today.

Equality Plan

Our team of human beings is our most important asset, our main differentiating element and our most important added value. Thanks to their unconditional commitment and implication, our company is in permanent transformation.

In Carmencita we safeguard the equality of opportunities without any kind of discrimination. To make sure that we comply to this in all areas of the company, Carmencita established, with the help of the Florida Foundation (Florida University) in 2010, its first equal opportunity for the sexes plan with the goal of setting the foundations for a systematic and planned promotion of the equality of opportunities between the men and women of this company.


In the first equality plan, a program of 3 years, actions have been established in all areas of the company, and are for following areas:

  • Access to job opportunities
  • Work conditions
  • Promotions and training
  • Organization of work time
  • Prevention of sexual harassment and / or gender
  • Communication and non-sexist language

As compensation for our hard work, Carmencita was awarded recognition in 2010 by the Head Office for Women’s Equality of the Council of Social Well Being of the Valencian Generalitat.

Spanish food products Company Carmencita, Spices, Herbs and Seasoning

Carmencita on its image

The brand Carmencita has changed its graphic identity. A transformation which involves its communication as well as the packaging of its spices and other products of its brand.

The redesigning work has been carried out by Manuel Estrada Design, a studio specialised in corporate identity, which has redrawn the traditional image of Carmencita simplifying some of her features, changing colours and typographies and bringing her face closer up on Carmencita’s products which are the most extensive visual supports used by the brand.

In this way the essence of the traditional image is maintained but brought closer and more visible in large retail spaces which are more and more saturated with messages directed to the consumer.

Today both Carmencita´s brand image and products reach almost everyone thus fulfilling Jesus Navarro`s dream, to take Spanish food taste and products worldwide. Nowadays our spice and Spanish flavour company keeps growing and holds a team excited with their work.