ABC Spices


Forget about peeling and chopping garlic when you want prepare one of your favourite dishes. Carmencita does it for you.

Sesame seeds

Selected to surprise your guests with a touch of toasted colour and an original flavour.


Add an aromatic effect to your dishes. Used as a base for pesto sauce or in salads


Typically Mediterranean, it is used as an appetiser o as a seasoning for pizza, salmon, salads and pasta.


Contributes a light, sweet aroma, perfect for giving flavour to vegetables, fish, rice and soups.


Our greatest treasure, all the aroma and flavour of our cuisine, in strands or ground.

Vanilla sugar

To flavour desserts, ice cream and cocktails, and even to make very natural home-made ice cream.

Canela / Cinnamon

Stick or ground, cinnamon is a touch of distinction and flavour, the best aromatic note for your desserts.

Cayenne chilli pepper

Presented as peppers to add in cooking your dishes, or ground to liven up your sauces.


The tears are over. Use it on mince, in making sauteś or to make soup tastier.


The secret to making your dishes more exotic. Tour India with coriander in your innovative dishes.


Ground or whole, it is an powerful flavouring for both sweet and salty dishes.

Food coloring

Get an unmistakable golden colour for your rice dishes with Carmencita food colouring.


In two versions: whole or ground for your brines, sauces or pastries.


Is a natural colouring from India. Carmencita brings it to your table to give colour and flavour to your dishes.


Mixture of turmeric, pepper, mustard, mace, coriander, ginger, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, cayenne chilli pepper and anise.


Anise-like flavour with lemony notes. A special touch for fish, red meat, salads and sauces.


Sweet, slightly anise-like and flavourful. You will see how the flavour of tarragon surprises you in your omelets.


A touch of freshness for vegetarian cuisine, pasta salads, diced tomatoes and fresh cheeses.

Provençal herbs

Mixture of different herbs, typical of French Provence. Try it in roast chicken with brandy.


A warm aroma with refreshing notes, you can include it in your soups, shellfish, fish and meats.

Bay leaf

A classic ingredient in Spanish gastronomy. Stews, broths, brines, fowl and fish.


In pieces or ground, contributes a warm, sweet, fresh flavour to meat stews, soups and sauces.

Nora peppers

The best sun-dried peppers to add to your dishes. In bags to guarantee all its freshness.


Multiple formats for a frequently used ingredient in everyday cooking.


Essential in gazpachos manchegos. Gives a country flavour to stews and pickled foods.


The aromatic herb most used in the world, in several formats adapted to all kinds of uses.


Sweet or hot, one of our most classic products, in cans or bottles of plastic or glass.

White pepper

To enjoy the flavour of pepper where you don't want dark spots to appear.

Black pepper

Whole or ground, it's a very good idea if you want to give a touch of spiciness to your dishes.

Pink pepper

Carmencita has selected its best drupes to add flavour to your sauces, meats and fishes.

Green pepper

It's another alternative in our wide range of peppers to add flavour and colour to your dishes.

Chorizo pepper

For some of the most traditional dishes, like tuna pot and Rioja-style potatoes.

Pine nuts

Of 100 percent Spanish origin, which guarantees the maximum flavour for your most traditional dishes.


The perfect complement for your recipes with strongly flavoured meats, as well as for grilled fish.


Now the universal ingredient in all recipes, also in a sodium-free version.

Garlic salt

Two essential ingredients together in a single product, with just one movement of the wrist.


Mediterranean country flavour to give an intense taste to your meat dishes, sauces and pasta.


To flavour desserts, ice cream and cocktails, and even to make very natural home-made ice cream.