Carmencita Commiment: AGS Solidarity Chamber

Carmencita is continuing its social efforts and commitment to people. Led by Jesús Navarro SA, and thanks to the generosity of volunteering and other collaborating businesses, the new AGS Solidarity Chamber building is now a reality.

Carmencita and Baltasar

When Baltasar arrives at our factory, in addition to the bandoleer hanging from his shoulder, he also brings with him something that is very valuable for Carmencita: his smile.

Carmencita with Ukraine

At Carmencita, we decided that the first month of the year had to be full of excitement. As a result, we wanted 32 Ukrainian women to forget for a few hours the tragedy that war has brought to their lives.

Carmencita in Madrid Fusion

It has been a few days since we returned from Madrid Fusion, but we are still savouring every moment experienced at the country’s most influential gastronomy conference.

New factory

As leaders in economic activity in the Valencian Community, we at Carmencita look to the future with hope. We have increased our production to respond to the current demand for our more than 700 leading food products.