Food colouring

Food colouring is used to make dishes more appetising given that certain colours, like golden ones, are associated with foods and gives them their own identity.

Carmencita food colouring is made with corn starch, so it has no gluten and is soluble in just water. It does not give any flavour to cooked foods, so it does not alter their composition, but gives an unmistakable golden colour to rice, pasta, noodles, potatoes in cooked dishes, soups, purees, chicken, as well as cakes, ice creams, fondants, marzipans and pasty dough.

Food colouring has barely been around for a century. One of the first foods to incorporate it was butter, to give a yellow tint.

In periods of economic scarcity, food colouring has been used in place of saffron, the reason it is part of recipes for dishes as traditional as paella valenciana.