Pink pepper

Pink peppers are the drupes of the Brazilian peppertree, a shrub different from the pepper plant we all know, with an unusual taste, sweet, citric-like, a little spicy and resinous, with a striking red colour which makes it perfect for many combinations. Carmencita offers it for flavouring and giving colour to cocktails and mixed drinks, or in mixtures of your best peppers.

It is suitable for adding flavour and colour to both salty and sweet dishes. Given its sweet, fruity notes you can use it in salads, cream soups, pastas, vegetables, meat, fish and shellfish.

You can use it to give a floral taste to vinegars, oils, soft drinks like juices, breads and home-made sweets. Or simply for the presentation of dishes, giving them an appealing touch.

Dare to mix it with dark chocolate or add it to desserts with cinnamon. Through variety you will find your own tastes!