Carmencita’s international success in Barcelona’s feria alimentaria.

27 mar. 2024

With an attendance that slightly surpassed Mobile World Congress’s, Feria Alimentaria attracted more than 107.900 visitors along four days if intense activities. This event, which gathered 3.200 exhibitor companies, scored a milestone by having the presence of 900 international firms, from 98 different countries.

On this internationalization scenario, Carmencita stood out with their most innovative products. Amongst the items which brought the public’s attention more were the new range of regular grinders, the oven bags and the irresistible and innovative Shaker Fries with flavours like Bacon, Cheese, Paprika and Vinegar and Sour Cream. Moreover, the brand introduced their coffee spices, including variants like Sweet Coffee, Thai Coffee and Golden Milk.

Carmencita’s export team, headed by Juan José Morón, Export Head, along with Dan Losada, Jesús Navarro Cantó and Josefina Navarro, have led the presence of the brand in the fair and felt enthusiasm by the notable influx of visitors and the marked international presence.

According to Alimentaria Exhibitions’s Managing Director J.Antonio Valls, this edition was “resounding internationalization success”, remarking that the 25% of the attendants were of international origin, coming from over 120 countries. Carmencita is consolidated as a referrer in the international spice and seasoning market, showing again its capacity to innovate and adapt to the global tendencies of the sector.

Feria Alimentaria was not only a space for product exhibitions, but also an setting to discuss about the latest tendencies of the food and hotel sector. Over 350 activities were held, with the participation of nearly 700 prestigious experts and chefs, which shows the importance of this event as a meeting point for all the industry.

To sum up, Carmencita’s participation in Feria Alimentaria & Hostelco, held in Barcelona, consolidates its position as a leader in the national market and its growing influence in the international market of spices and seasonings, and reaffirms its compromise with innovation and quality on each of their products.