Carmencita with Ukraine

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At Carmencita, we decided that the first month of the year had to be full of excitement. As a result, we wanted 32 Ukrainian women to forget for a few hours the tragedy that war has brought to their lives.

We organised a visit to our factory and the Sanctuary of St. Mary Magdalene in Novelda for them. We also enjoyed a brunch with them, together with other Ukrainian women who have lived in Alicante for a while.

Choked up with emotion, one of the women asked that no one forget their suffering and that of all those people who are still experiencing the war in Ukraine every day.

When afternoon arrived, from the top of the three Peaks of Novelda Castle, the lights of the valley came on announcing the end of a very emotional day, and we knew it would be burned into our memories forever.

Without a doubt, we managed to make them feel heard and protected. It was a special day for them, but it was one for Carmencita as well.