White pepper

White pepper is obtained by harvesting peppercorns when very mature and allowing them to soak in water to separate the skin. Once dried its flavour is more delicate, with a woody aroma of resin or stable, and is deeper that black pepper with a less spicy taste.

Its white colour and its aroma are perfect for seasoning white and other sauces, pasta, meat, fish and fowl. Its versatility is infinite: together with salt, it is perfect for a pasta, some lentils, a fried egg, a salad, a tuna sandwich or a Bloody Mary.

Perfect for flavouring cream or cheese-based sauces, boiled potatoes and pickled foods.

Because of its sweet, light aroma it goes well in original combinations, for example, in a fresh strawberry dessert or with tofu. It combines better with bitter-sweet flavours due to its less penetrating aroma than that of black pepper, as a result of which it is highly prized in Chinese cooking.

Did you know that the berries of white pepper, in coarsely ground form together with that of black pepper, is a widely used mixture in French cuisine, called `mignonette´?