Cinnamon is the delicate inner part of the bark of an oriental tree used in cooking -in stick form or ground into a powder- for its recognizable sweet, woody flavour, and for its warm, lingering fragrance.

We use it to infuse hot drinks like milk, chocolate, and to spice up our coffee. Also in meat recipes like meat balls and especially in a multitude of desserts as tasty as our traditional, home-made Easter torrijas (batter fried bread sweets) or rice pudding.

Tip for getting the most out of cinnamon:

To get the full flavour out of stick cinnamon, we boil the liquid we want and let the stick soak in it for at least ten minutes to release all its flavour. We use it in powdered form to mix with meats, flours and rice, but above all in breads and desserts or with fresh or cooked fruit like apples, oranges or bananas.

Cinnamon complements perfectly the flavour of other foods like lemon peel, sugar, butter or oil, and with spices like vanilla, ginger, anise, etc.